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How does our Instagram Bot Instadigger work to get more followers?

Social media is a great tool to get new friends and customers to your business. Instagram helps you to do that and much more. You can reach out to people across the globe and promote your business like never before by getting more followers on Instagram who are genuinely invested and interested in your business products. But promoting your business day in and day out is a tedious affair and promoting it on Instagram is a time-consuming task. This is where Instadigger pitches in for your aid. Instadigger is an effective Instagram bot software tool aimed at people who want to get more followers and likes on their social networking site profiles but do not have the time to do so. The Instagram bot, Instadigger gets real results, real followers and real likes from real people who are interested in your business.

instadigger targeting

Find New Leads

Instadigger, the best Instagram bot helps you to get engaging and tailored audience who would love to look out for your services and products on Instagram via automated hashtags, photo search, username, comments & locations.

engage instagram followers as customers

Engage Customers

Instadigger, the Instagram Bot for followers automatically likes and comments on their Instagram posts to get the leads. Once you break the ice, customers get engaged with your products effortlessly.

engage instram compitior followers

Attract Others’ Followers

Use your Instagram account to know more about your competitor’s Instagram followers. Use friendly tactics of liking and commenting on their posts to win them over to your business.

instadigger full automation control

Get Full Control

Instadigger provides features like filters and customized options so that you effectively increase your target audiences and that translates into real Instagram followers in your business.

instadigger use without download to all device

Get Access To All Devices

Instadigger can work seamlessly on all devices. So be it Instagram bot for Android or Instagram bot for iPhone, you can manage your activity from any device using our Instagram bot.

instagram post schedular

Schedule Posts and Everything

With Instadigger, the best Instagram bot, you can schedule automated photo posting on a specified time and even schedule likes and comments so that you continue interacting with your followers every day.

Been using Instadigger for few months and it is helping me a lot to grow my Instagram account! I gained a lot of followers. True followers, not fake ones. Love how simple and easy it is to set up and their customer service is the best! Highly recommended!

Malea E

Instagram User

I started using instadigger before 2 month with 200 followers. In just 2 month with doing nothing my follower list is 1908. Really awesome application.

Ashvin P

Business Owner

Having started an ecommerce website, I was clueless about promoting it on Instagram. Instadigger came to my rescue and thanks to it, my business account has not only got many followers but I have also managed to convert them into customers.

Patrick B

Business Owner

I work for an NGO and wanted to spread awareness about social causes on Instagram. But the problem was on how to reach the audiences. We tried Instadigger and we were able to get followers instantly for our social cause. Instadigger has been a great tool for us and I would recommend it to everyone.

Maria K


Make Your Instagram Promotion Powerful with Instadigger

Unlike other Instagram bot software which needs to be downloaded, Instadigger is a cloud-based platform. Yes, that means there is nothing for you to download. The configuration takes less than 10 minutes and you are all set for the promotion of your business account. There is absolutely no necessity for you to sit in front of the computer and watch for the leads. Instadigger will continue to promote your business on Instagram daily while you can focus solely on managing your business or even enjoy a short vacation.

Instgram bot instadigger promotion
instagram bot analytics

Powerful Instadigger Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics allows you to tweak your promotions for maximum results. We show you Instagram post level data for better understanding.

Let Your Followers Be Real On Instagram

Instadigger is built mainly for you and we have ensured that we pass on every benefit imaginable to you through the Instagram bot. Grow your localized network into a worldwide phenomenon with the best Instagram bot. Here are some of the unique features of Instadigger-

  • Comes with easy installation and setup with full user information
  • Provides customized options specifically tailored to meet each individual requirement
  • Ensures that you get followers by targeting specific hashtags, locations, comments, pictures and likes.
  • Follow back users who have visited your business profile
  • It follows genuine profiles while filtering out the black list
  • Automated following and unfollowing
  • Segregates private profiles and default pictures and opts out of it
  • Schedules time period for automated actions like posting of pictures or likes and comments.
  • Excellent customer service 24*7
  • New features added and updated consistently
  • An easy to use dashboard to monitor and check all your activities.

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